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pirate bounce house princiss slide bounce3 mega obstacle boxingring2 joist. piratebounce rainbowbouncehouse pirate bounce obstacle course rock_climb_retro rockclimbslide twister Dazling Castle slide monster truck Mickey w slide

Rock Wall/Slide

Pirate Ship

Rainbow Castle


13'L X 13'W

Dazling Castle w/Slide

Mickey Club House w/Slide

Monster Truck

justice-league party14

Justice League

Castle w/Double Slide



17.8'L X 14.10W X 16.2H

20'L X 15'W X 14'H

18.4L X 15.7W

17.8L X 14.1W X 13.10H

16'L X 16'W

30'L X 15'W

Small: 3 to 6 years of age

Medium: 7 to 13 years of age

Large: teen to adult

Max weight limit 750lbs.

mega obstacle course

mega obstacle course

mega obstacle course

Are you ready for the ultimate phsyical challenge? The Mega 3-Piece Obstacle Course combines our three most popular inflatable obstacle course units into one massive,  test of speed, agility and stamina. This mega obstacle course can pit two people head-to-head to see who can navigate the entire length of the course the fastest. It adds a level of fun competition to any event or party. You can set up the three units in any order, which helps keeps this attraction fresh and exciting!

30'L X 13'W X 7'H

26'L X 13'W X 15'H


30'L X 13'W X 7'H

mega obstacle course

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bounce2 bounce1 bounce4 dance dome

Dance Dome


Pirates Baseball Bounce House

Steeler Football Bounce House

Space Ship with Slide

Mega Obstacle Course

86'L X 13'W X 15'H

hocky bounce house sticky_wall

Penguins Hockey Bounce House

Partiotic Bounce House

Stickey Wall

sports bounce house dolphinbounce


Dolphin Bounce House

Wave Water Slide

(Click for video)

(Click for video)


boxing glove

Boxing Ring

airborn football

Air Born

Field Goal Football

Pirate Bounce House

PatrioticBounce house.

19'h x 14.6'w x 33'l

2pcslide bounce aligator aligator2

Sports Bounce House

Alligator Obstacle/Bounce House

boxing ring castle


Mini Obstacle Bounce,Climb, Slide

Toddler Bounce

8'L x 8'W X 5'H

bounce house unicorn carnival



NEW FOR 2019

Fire Station Bounce with Slide

venom venom6

129' Venom Radical Obsacle course